The Flag For Hope

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The story


Led by the artistic mind of U.S. Army veteran Marcos Antonio, The Flag for Hope was created by more than 4,000 Americans placing their hand and finger impressions in acrylic paint on a huge 9’ x 5’ canvas. Marcos has completed similar unifying projects in several countries including France, Italy, Norway, and Sweden to name a few. Each painting represents a nationwide movement bringing all of the country’s citizens together. In 2015, Christopher Cavedon, CEO of Flag for Hope, approached Marcos about creating a flag by and for all Americans. The Flag For Hope’s purpose is to bring people together and create hope in a time when the country needs it most. The painting is a symbol of healing, unity, and inspiration. Americans have been wrongfully divided by characteristics like racial background, gender, and sexuality. The handprints on this canvas allow us to see how these differences among Americans do not divide us, they bring us together. They remind us that we are all individuals united as one race - the human race.


The journey began at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 23, 2015 during the running of the 99th Indianapolis 500. Since then, the Flag has traveled more than 300,000 miles while visiting over 500 locations across America. Most of the Flag for Hope’s hand and finger impressions were painted at churches, community centers, veteran’s centers, schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, and other places where communities gather for a shared purpose.

The 50 stars on the flag were painted by true American icons chosen for their personal achievements, their commitment to serving others, and because they inspire us. Their testimonials echo the sentiments of those given all across the country... heartfelt tributes to the beauty and potential of The United States.

Own a Piece of History. Shape the future.


The original Flag For Hope canvas is a priceless and historic piece of art. It will never be sold. It will be donated to the country and displayed at a museum such as The Smithsonian or at a site such as the 9/11 memorial.

However, the artist who directed and led the project, Marcos Antonio, has created 700 one-time-only limited serigraphs of The Flag For Hope, which will be for sale. These museum-grade replicas will not only provide Americans with the opportunity to own a piece of this historic project, it will also allow them to benefit any charity they wish through Impact Art Gallery. The gallery holds its key concept for this project, which donates 30% of the proceeds from every piece sold to whatever non-profit organization/cause the buyer supports.

50 stars | 50 icons

The full list of American icons who individually painted the 50 stars on the Flag For Hope


1. Senator John McCain

2. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

3. Muhammad Ali

4. Battalion Chief Jack Pritchard

5. Lee Ielpi

6. John Mara

7. Bonnie Blair

8. Nadia Comaneci & Bart Connor

9. George Foreman

10. Bob Wieland

11. Randy White

12. Helene Neville

13. Eric Heiden

14. Kris Kristofferson

15. Alan Hassenfeld

16. Captain Florent Groberg

17. Secret Star (Until Later Date)

35. Dr. Craig Mello

36. Gloria & Emilio Estefan

37. Tamika Catchings

38. Smokey Robinson

39. Andy Garcia

40. Admiral Patrick M. Walsh

41. Jack Nicklaus

42. Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson

43. Carlos Santana

44. Harvey Mackay

45. Roger Staubach

46. General Tom Ryan

47. Sergeant Melvin Morris

48. Major General James Livingston

49. Brigadier General Michael Neil

50. General Colin Powell


18. Bill Walton

19.  Ann Meyers Drysdale

20. Anita L. DeFrantz

21. Richard “Dick” Enberg

22. Lieutenant Brian Sweeney

23. Dr. Leonard Bailey

24. Tom Dreesen

25. Gary Keller

26. Ronnie Lott

27. Mike Love

28. Rick & Dick Hoyt

29. Billie Jean King

30. Bill Self

31. Pat Boone

32. Rafer Johnson

33. Tom Selleck

34. Jackie Joyner Kersee