"242" - Marcin Rogal

marcin rogal #242.jpg
marcin rogal #242.jpg

"242" - Marcin Rogal




40 X 40 X 1.5 IN


This painting comes from the “distorted” collection. The body of works hold the message of “Generation Digital” which is trying to imply the meaning how our lives and everything has been affected. Digitalization of our humankind provides society with distorted image of everything.

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Marcin Rogal – born in Poland, a self taught entrepreneur and a “renaissance man,” has been developing his skills and passion for art and design among many other trades on three continents [Poland x U.S.A. x Australia]. Marcin’s pursuit of beauty has led him to create several memorable pieces, characterized by a great deal of attention to detail. The main mission of his art is not just to symbolize beauty but to present human emotions, feelings, and dreams, as well as exploring the connection between the conscious and subconscious; with the subjects, composition, forms, and colors. Marcin lives according to the quote once spoken by Pablo Picasso himself, “Everything you can imagine is real.” Marcin paints mainly using oil paints on canvas. Besides brushes, he uses variety of tools to create paintings.


2016 - solo exhibition in Warsaw Home EXPO, Warsaw, Poland

2016 - solo exhibition in Stalowa 52, Warsaw, Poland

2015 - solo exhibition in Studio 4Pietro, Warsaw, Poland 

2014 - solo exhibition at Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland

2014 - participation in charity auction held by Christi's chairman per excellence 

2013 - solo exhibition in Culture House Lubaczow, Poland

2012 - solo exhibition in George Brown Studio, Soho New York City, USA

2011 - exhibition in Punk Milk Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011 - exhibition in Morning Sun, Melbourne, Australia

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