"Diptych St. Jerome" - Dragan Koleben

Diiptych st.Jerome 120 x 60 cm.jpg
Diiptych st.Jerome 120 x 60 cm.jpg

"Diptych St. Jerome" - Dragan Koleben




47 x 24 x 2 in


Dragan Koleben's suggested donation: The Alzheimer's Association



Dragan Koleben is an artist who uses canvas to create life from his imagination, thus making it immortal. The ideas rise from his dreams. He lays these complex concepts on a canvas using oil techniques, forming a forever lasting piece of art.

Dragan defines his art as “realism” and “magic realism”, using the traditional method of oil on canvas in his artistic approach and the brush as a tool for layer application of the colors. In his paintings he often use contrast “light-shadow” to achieve more dramatics. 

His inspiration comes from the art works of Caravaggio and Rembrandt. It was their work that attracted him and made him fall in love with this artistic style. "The canvas is his book, the paint is his ink and he use them to write inspiring stories overloaded with emotions." With great passion, he is attracted to life and the human being itself. It is therefore important for him to paint real people that carry life inspiring messages, wisdom, experience, sadness, happiness, hope, representing life itself. He frequently introduces angels in his paintings as a way to connect the earthly realism to the surreal and divine. 

He uses acts to represent the beautiful concept of life, the woman as a divine creature from whom he is inspired. Through his acts, he express his freedom; the nakedness eliminates all the borders of his artistic spirit. It represents the vulnerability of the human soul, its fragility captured in a body. Portraits are his way of creating timeless memories of a human essence, captured in a moment and standing as an ageless mirror of the person’s soul to be inherited by future generations.

"My works symbolize a piece of the mosaic that is my soul. My art is my life; it is incorporated in my being, as any part of my body, expressed by every exhaled breath."

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