"The Defiance of Divine Law" - Vladimir Nazarov


"The Defiance of Divine Law" - Vladimir Nazarov




60 X 48 X 1.5 IN


The Poetry Series by Vladimir Nazarov

A variation of the Symbols series that features classic and contemporary poetry within an emotionally charged canvas.

Vladimir Nazarov combines his multi-layering technique with meditative contemplation to create the Symbols Series. Each piece serves as an embodiment of a full conversation, communicated along the canvas from one edge to the other. In the Symbols Series one may encounter vivid colors, cosmic symbolism, and written language. Spoken word amounts for a small percentage of meaning during speech. Over 90% of meaning in a conversation is derived from body language and tone. Each Symbol Painting communicates with all three levels: Verbal, Visual, and Vocal discourse. Symbol paintings are often 3 or more paintings layered into a single piece. Each painting opens itself to interpretation on multiple levels because it speaks to its viewers much in the same multilayered way they communicate with each other.

Featuring the Poem Love’s Philosophy by Percy Shelley


The fountains mingle with the river 

    And the rivers with the ocean, 

The winds of heaven mix for ever 

    With a sweet emotion; 

Nothing in the world is single; 

    All things by a law divine 

I In one spirit meet and mingle. 

    Why not I with thine?— 

See the mountains kiss high heaven 

    And the waves clasp one another; 

No sister-flower would be forgiven 

    If it disdained its brother; 

And the sunlight clasps the earth 

    And the moonbeams kiss the sea: 

What is all this sweet work worth 

    If thou kiss not me?

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Vladimir Nazarov is a contemporary visual artist living in New York City.  His fascination with the healing nature of art is what motivates him to create. Nazarov was one of the very first artists to settle down in the once industrial-wasteland like area along the East River known as Dumbo.   He is a firm believer in the power of art to enrich neighborhoods and create a perfect symbiosis between commercial businesses and artistic expression.  As a painter, Vladimir is largely known for his innovative use of color and layering.  His subtle meditations on space and movement seemingly express the essence of life itself. Ultimately, Nazarov’s works are an emotionally- charged, open-ended treatise on the human condition. With masterful flourishes and painterly delicacy, again and again, Vladimir proves himself as a master dissecting the eternal mysteries of what it means to be human.

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