Graham edwards

Oklahoma City, OK


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Graham Edwards is mostly recognized for his colorful paintings embracing clean lines and close attention to detail, hand-painted mostly with acrylics on canvas. He is completely self-taught having learned to create highly realistic and detailed pencil portraits at a young age and only in 2014 began to express himself through a paintbrush. Inspired by a wide range of artists from MC Escher to Andy Warhol, he continues to explore new mediums and styles constantly looking to improve his craft.

Graham has had work shown inside the Oklahoma State Capitol and was also selected as a finalist in the 2016 Plaza Arts Festival. He was just recently honored with both Best Of Show and Artists' Choice awards at the 2016 Edmond Arts Association Fall Show. He has shown in multiple galleries, studios, and historic venues throughout Oklahoma as well as having been recognized on local podcasts and various social media outlets.

Suggested charity: The Make-a-Wish Foundation