JAckson Casady

Los Angeles, CA

Jackson casady's story

Jackson's recent work (e.g. Hollywood Disco) is inspired by the entertainment industry, which is filled with larger-than-life characters and personalities and defined by a seemingly dreamlike lifestyle. Commenting on this world, the paintings depict several different narratives, boasting a cast of glamorous and grotesque figures.  While these paintings champion the spectacle of Hollywood’s intrigue and reflect his own experience as a film studio employee, production assistant, Los Angeles resident, and son of a writer-producer, they also critique the industry, commenting on its monstrosity, exclusivity, whiteness, cruelty, idealization, objectification of women, and the phenomenon that is celebrity. Formally, the works are full of color and light, stylistically representational with an overall looseness and abstraction that comments on the industry’s tenuous obsession with both faux and actual reality. The invented, dynamic, energetic, and complex compositions show pockets of drama like the party or 'disco' that is Hollywood.

Jackson's work is filled with larger-than-life characters in invented, dreamlike, and energetic compositions. The magically realistic paintings depict pockets of drama with eccentric narratives, boasting a cast of both glamorous and grotesque figures.

To follow his new work, check out his website (jacksoncasady.com) or his Instagram (@jacksoncasady).

Suggested charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital