James nazarov

Brooklyn, NY

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james nazarov's story

James Nazarov is an artist obsessed with dots and the way the human eye perceives reality.  Nazarov was born, raised, and currently operates in Brooklyn, New York.  After receiving a J.D. from Saint John’s University he opened his first studio and has been creating art ever since.  For James, a piece of art is a conversation, a map to self-discovery.  Different forms of abstraction allow the viewer to connect with art by using their own power of perception.  Each piece that James creates is a multi-layered dialogue.  What the viewer starts with seeing, is not always what they end up uncovering.  The world is broken down around us into Pixels, and perception of life comes from putting the dots back together.  Nazarov’s work invites the viewers to put the pieces together and see not only what he my be trying to show them but what they have yet to learn about themselves.

Suggested charity: World Wildlife Fund