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 Jamie Baldwin Gaviola paints intricate mandalas through a synthesis of technique and flow that equate to a meditative process. Deeply saturated hues are applied in rhythmic pattern & near compulsive attention to precision & detail portray a sense of gravity and movement. Her paintings have been called 'mirrors, portals, and tapestries of the unseen.'  She paints them with the intention to recall interconnectedness of all things to the mind of the viewer.  Gaviola has exhibited extensively in NY and has collectors in the US and abroad through her significant online presence. She has been actively practicing Yoga & meditation for 20 years. She draws inspiration from aboriginal dreaming, fractals, spiritual architecture, geometry, quantum mechanics, Carl Jung, cymatics, micro organisms, & nano-technology, nature, and inspired texts describing unity.

Suggested charity: DestinyRescue.org

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